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Dr. Brad Feldner

Patient Testimonials

For the last four years my life has consisted of taking muscle relaxants, pain pills, massage, icing, and visits to the chiropractor at least twice a month. I have even been to the pain clinic and had injections in my back. The area that was giving me the most trouble was my mid to upper back. Everything was so tight that sometimes the simplest movement, like reaching for the phone, would cause me to pull something. The treatments gave temporary relief but after a couple days the aches, tightness and knots in my back returned. It was to the point that my life and what I did was being controlled by my back. I quit going on walks and vacations were even put on hold. One day while sitting in the clinic waiting for my next Dr.'s appointment, I saw the ad for Pure Chiropractic and Rehab. I talked to my husband and told him I had decided to call and make an appointment. I said," I might as well give it a try." To be honest I wasn't very optimistic, but at this point I was ready to try anything because this was affecting my whole life. Since my first visit in May, I can not believe the change. I feel so good that sometimes I forget I even had back problems. Through treatments and exercise I got my life back and I can't thank him enough.

 Sheree K.

I lived in pain for years and tried about everything - chiropractors, massage, prolotherapy, etc.. I then went to Pure Chiropractic after a referral from a friend. I am sure glad I did. Within a couple of weeks, I had much better relief than anything else I've experienced.

Mike V.

I was referred to Pure Chiropractic and Rehab for treatment of a chronic work related upper back and neck condition due to repetitive tasks. Dr. Brad Feldner and his staff have been thorough, targeted, and effective in evaluating and applying the proper treatment and exercises to restore my muscle strength and alleviate the source of the soreness and pain.

Dr. Brad has been the best Personal Coach/Trainer, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor and Friend that anyone should welcome to treat them in resolving any core issues concerning orthopedic ailments. I have had encouraging results since the first couple of treatments. I highly recommend Pure Chiropractic of Fargo.

Robert M.

In 1988 I was in an auto accident that resulted in permanent damage to the "deep down" nerves/muscles in my neck, leaving me with extreme headaches and constant neck pain. Over the years I've tried everything from trigger point shots, epidural shots, acupuncture, acupressure, neck surgery, and every pain pill under the sun. "NONE" of the above have given me the pain relief I've needed to maintain an active life style as the treatments I've received from Dr. Brad Feldner!  He and his Office Manager, Hope, are awesome to work with!  If you're living with any type of pain or ailment, I HIGHLY recommend calling Dr. Feldner and setting up an appointment. He takes the time to pin-point your problem, and gets you on the road to recovery in a hurry. If you'd like to personally visit with me regarding my results, feel free to call their office and get my cell number.

Lee N.

A month into my training program for the half marathon I started experiencing knee pain while running and it left me having to limit my runs.  After hearing about Pure Chiropractic & Rehab from a friend with similar symptoms and how quick they were able to get her up and running I made an appointment.  Dr. Brad and his staff were very experienced in treating runners with Runner's Syndrome and knew exactly that this was what I too was experiencing. My symptoms started improving after each visit and I was back out training to my fullest within 6 visits.    I feel that I made a great choice to go to Pure and would encourage anyone with pain limiting them to give Pure Chiropractic & Rehab a call.

Ashley W. - Fargo, ND

I had been training for a Detroit Lakes, MN run one summer and experienced a pain that I never felt before.  As I was running "hill intervals", my left hip didn't feel right and was extremely sore. For months after every run I had a dull ache in that same hip and leg. I pretty much quit running because of this to try and avoid the problem.  However, even when I wasn't running the pain came and went.

When I noticed energetic runners outdoors this spring, I got the runners "itch"! I decided to see someone about my hip so I could start running again. The PURE Chiropractic & Rehab television commercial caught my attention and I made an appointment with Dr. Brad Feldner. Turns out, the large muscle that runs from my hip to my knee was extremely tight and knotted up. Dr. Feldner and his staff started adjusting it immediately. After just one treatment I felt an improvement. One month later, the pain in my hip is virtually gone and I'm ready for summer 5K's. The rehabilitation program PURE designed for me to strengthen my hips, legs, and core is also helping me to lose weight.

I feel stronger and faster thanks to the professionals at PURE. If you are experiencing anything like I just described… don't wait for the pain to get worse.

Call PURE Chiropractic & Rehab. You will be amazed at the results!

Trina - Barnesville, MN

I suffered severe neck and low back issues with frequent headaches due to an untreated car accident several years ago. I have been seen by several chiropractors over the years and none have been able to provide a treatment that works as effectively as Pure Chiropractic. I find that when I'm adjusted on a consistent basis I have had fewer issues with my neck, back and headaches. Dr. Feldner's chiropractic treatments have been a tremendous source of pain relief for me.

Dawn M - Fargo, ND

 "Our 9 year old has had migraines 2-3 times a week for over a year. I took him to 3 different doctors who all said they couldn't do anything for him. I decided to talk to Dr Feldner to see if he could help Tommy. Dr Feldner treated Tommy and this is the longest he has gone without a migraine. We never dreamed we would have such great results. Tommy says "He helps a lot and he is funny. He is a great chiropractor." Thank you Dr. Feldner for making Tommy feel at ease and for your care and concern. It means so much to our family!"

Luther and Jodie - Fargo, ND

"This is not just a Chiropractic is so much more."

Deb A. - Fargo, ND

"I have been struggling with headaches for the past 12+ years.  I feel very fortunate to have found Pure Chiropractic & Rehab where I receive treatment when I need it and a personal exercise program that targets the muscles that need strengthening to improve my quality of life.  I have fewer headaches and feel great!  Thanks Dr. Feldner!"

Cindy K. - Fargo, ND

"I was looking for options to relieve my pain and discomfort and I realized this is not just a chiropractic office, it is so much more!"

Lynne O. - Fargo, ND

For years I have struggled with neck and shoulder pain and I was always in some type of discomfort.  When I came in to see Dr. Feldner I was amazed at how quickly I responded to treatment with him. I was impressed that he not only made adjustments that made me feel better but he put me on a rehabilitation and strengthening plan that will continue to help me stay healthy long term. If you are looking for more than just a chiropractor, but a doctor that will put you on the road to a pain free life, Fargo Chiropractor, Dr. Feldner is your guy!

D. C. Lucas - Fargo, ND


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  • "I lived in pain for years and tried about everything - chiropractors, massage, prolotherapy, etc.. I then went to Pure Chiropractic after a referral from a friend. I am sure glad I did. Within a couple of weeks, I had much better relief than anything else I've experienced."
    Mike V. - Fargo, ND