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... are you ready to say goodbye to pain and improve your health? , Dr. Brad Feldner has 29 years of experience and he is the only certified in rehabilitation by the ACRB. If you are ready to turn your recent injuries or recurring problems into a thing of the past, instead of chasing the pain, please call to reserve your appointment at 701-893-PURE (7873) or by email at info@puredcrehab.com.

At Pure Chiropractic and Rehab, the goal is to help patients stay healthy, pain free, reduce unnecessary healthcare costs for the future and improve their quality of life.

This is not just a Chiropractic office...it is so much more."

To relieve stress, improve circulation, relax tight muscles, lose weight and/or improve your body toning and fitness. Click here to learn more about Fargo Chiropractor, Dr. Feldner and Pure Chiropractic & Rehab. We welcome you to stop by to review our new healthcare technology and our 800 square foot rehab center loaded with various rehab equipment and training stations. Pure Chiropractic and Rehab is located one block South of Main Avenue in the West 45th Street Business Center at 300 45th St. S, Fargo, ND. Let our caring Fargo Chiropractors help you or your family members eliminate pain and suffering and live a happier and healthier life!

For those of you who are interested in exercise programs to help with their injuries and/or pain, one of the unique services our team enjoys the most involves the opportunity to have people challenge us as we guide you through one of the most complete functional/performance evaluations most people will ever experience in their lives. Throughout these evaluations, we utilize research and normative data as we compare you to people in your age and gender. We will show you where your muscles are tight, tender, overactive, weak, restricted and/or deconditioned..and we will show you what you can or cannot do. Based on your goals and expectations, your results and of course, if we can assist you, we look forward to customizing plans to help you meet your healthcare goals and expectations. Are you ready to test your balance, stability, endurance and your strength? Are you ready to make a change and challenge us?

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Take the challenge...Change your life!

Dr. Brad Feldner
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  • "I lived in pain for years and tried about everything - chiropractors, massage, prolotherapy, etc.. I then went to Pure Chiropractic after a referral from a friend. I am sure glad I did. Within a couple of weeks, I had much better relief than anything else I've experienced."
    Mike V. - Fargo, ND